Monday, January 02, 2006

First Post!

I have been waffling back & forth over starting a blog for the past few months..... at the New Year seems as good a time as any, so here I am!

Some more background (essentially what had to be dumped from my "About Me" section because it was too long- can you say "newbie"?):

I decided to blog because I have enjoyed reading other blogs (particularly Diane Duane's "Out of Ambit" & have also decided that writing on a regular basis would be a good discipline- maybe good therapy, too! My main concern in life right now is, with my husband, raising our son who has Asperger's Syndrome, as well as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder & Tourettes Syndrome. Some long names for our young boy! In this blog I plan to talk about how we are trying to raise our developmentally disabled child to be the person he hopes to be, while still maintaining our sanity in a crazy world. I certainly couldn't do this without my husband/life partner! It all dovetails pretty nicely with the Jedi philosophy, too..... perhaps helped to midwife it. Meaning that I'm not sure I would have thought very much about what Yoda would be doing in my situation if life weren't so challenging at times. Plus, as my beloved B has gotten older, I've been able to share some of the movies & my philosophy with him bit by bit..... which has made me look more closely at what I do believe & where I find inspiration. It all sure is intertwined- like the Force!

This blogging is going to be a learning experience for me..... I'm still figuring out where everything is. May the Force be with me! :)


At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jedi,

Well.. I took the easy route for posting, rather than registering and clicked anonymous.

You can just call me "A" since the initial works anyway, but my real name is the same as your's. Lisa. Good name isn't it? Derived from the name of a Queen--Elizabeth. I double checked the etymology and found it also means

ELIZABETH "oath of God" (Hebrew). The wife of Aaron in the Old Testament. The mother of John the Baptist in the New Testament. Also the name of two English queens.

So it sounds like the name Lisa has it's own background of dealing with adversity, but is one that is something that also comes with great rewards, so glad to see you find both in your experiences.

I've finally had time to the whole blog so far and found it engrossing and funny and wonder how you have the time to do anything at all, never mind sew costumes and learn Japanese. Good job!



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