Sunday, February 26, 2006

Break over :(

We had our last day of school break today. B started to get "stuck" on the way out the door to church this morning, but I was not prepared to have a repeat of last Sunday (when he was in such a state of anxiety that we had to physically support him into the building & nothing I had brought with me book-wise could distract him, so C & I took turns playing dominoes with him in the lounge while the other went to choir practise for a bit- not a wonderful start to the day- although he did finally relax enough to go to Sunday school & was ok by the time we went home...), so I sat him in my lap & tried to problem-solve. My biggest problem is that I keep thinking that knowing what the "thought" is that's making him anxious will give us a clue to helping him past it. Well, it has helped him in the past to say it out loud & discuss it (darn it!), but some thoughts seem too scary for him to tell- & this was one of them. He did say that it didn't have to do with church, per se... & when I finally asked him if the books I had in my bag would be ok for him to read as a distraction, he made a cryptic request for "HNG6", which ended-up to mean "Hikaru no Go volume 6". Once he had the book in hand he was much better & read it in the car as well as during choir practise. Disaster averted...

We were supposed to have a Japanese lesson after church, but our poor teacher was still sick. She sounded so miserable on the phone, I just wanted to run over with some hot soup or something, except that I don't know where she lives :( It made for a very quiet day. C & B got in a lot of quality time :) playing B's Exo-Force game (for which he created a new machine of his own design out of spare legos, because he hasn't earned any of the big machines for the robot side yet with our behavioural charting system, so the robots are at quite a disadvantage in the game). I took this opportunity to complete Operation Boxer Shorts & B now has 8 new pairs of boxers (finished the final 3 pair). Whew!

Our music director at church was coming over to dinner tonight (I try to have her over once a month to keep in touch, since I'm chair of the music committee), but she was feeling yucky & also called-in very apologetically to put it off a week. C said that we must be the healthiest people in town right now, which really is a blessing, even though we missed having our visitors today.

Poor B was fine right up to bedtime, then melted down at the thought of the break being over. C managed to roll him into bed & then I sat & read to him (one of my favourite parts of Diane Duane's "Wizards at War" when Roshaun meets Dairine's mobiles...) until he finally emerged from under the covers & could speak again. During the requested "quick minute" he mentioned how sad he was to go back to school. I agreed that we had a great week, but said that I knew we'd have another one. I reminded him that we're bringing the Go set to school tomorrow & he can teach some of his friends to play, plus they'll be rehearsing the class play, which did cheer him up & made me feel hopeful that tomorrow morning may not be a disaster... fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is, however, beginning to look dismal & "what do I do next"-ish. As I mentioned in one of my first blog entries, the day he goes back to school after a break is usually terrible for me. I just miss him so much. I may have to go out & buy more Japanese candy... or maybe a new manga :) I should think about my next sewing projects, too, or maybe try to finish threading the dishtowels that have been on the big loom since last summer (now that would be a miracle...). I'll survive... but I'm beginning to think maybe I know where my kid gets his transition difficulties...


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