Saturday, February 04, 2006

Three poems...

We are in the midst of a very busy weekend- it's birthday week chez nous (C is Monday, I'm Tuesday & Grammie is next Sunday!) & many birthday projects are being finalised :) This is the first year B has played a big role in our bday preparations (he & dad baked "secret" cookies this afternoon, & then B finished his weaving project for dad, using the handsupn yarn we made, while I read to him). In light of all this busyness I haven't had the energy to focus much on blogging (but I am keeping a sticky file of my ideas, due to a suggestion from my friend Nancy- thanks!). I was tidying-up yesterday & came across three poems that I wrote when B was a baby, & I thought I'd share them :)

B at Five Months

two tiny starfish hands
a school of two small feet
seeming aimless
until the unsuspecting prey
-finger, toy, braid-
fall within their scope
pulled relentlessly
into the soft, anemone mouth


tiny child
makes sweet, soft sounds
coos & burbles
sometimes vulgar
but always precious

may they still be-
when the downy cheek
turns to long-awaited bristle
and the pitch edges toward bass
-so precious

Part-time Job

A baby's feet
are employed full-time
but only part-time as feet.

How do they spend their
moonlighting hours?

Mesmerising mobile,
Chase & catch toy,
An extra set of hands!
Levers to be pulled (result unknown).
Exclamation points!!!
Percussion instruments...

Learning to walk may be a baby's
most amazing feat,
but there is a price.


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