Thursday, November 02, 2006

A work in progress... :)

It's funny how things can snowball from unpromising or even stinky ("kusai!!!") beginnings... Last Monday, when B & I were on our way home from a visit to his psychiatrist, we ran into a rather smelly situation right around the corner from our house. Just as we were turing the corner we were overwhelmed by the smell of skunk... major skunk... I thought we'd driven right out of it without any effect, but next morning the smell was still discernable on the car, so I think we must have actually driven through skunk (although I saw nothing untoward in the road at the time...). This inspired B, on the way to school on Halloween in our rank car, to sing "Grandma ran over a sku-unk..." to the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"- a novelty holiday song that we truck out every year & giggle over. I chimed in with his new version, & between the two of us we soon had this verse"

Grandma ran over a sku-unk
Driving over to our house, Halloween.
You may think that Grandma's a real sweetie,
But just right now she stinks & makes me scream...

The giggles were ferocious. By the time we got to school we were ready to regale everyone with our song- (we managed to share it with B's teachers before the excitement of the holiday overswept us). Flushed with the success of this parody of a parody song, B has decided to compose a verse for all of the holidays, calling it "A Series of Unfortunate Grandma Events" (with no apologies to Lemony, whose books we avoid like the plague :0 ).

This morning as B & I were driving home from the grocery store we got singing & composing again & have two more verses to add:

Grandma got run over by a turkey
Coming over to our house on Thanksgiving.
You may think that turkeys are real pushovers,
But Grandma now knows qui-ite differently...

Grandma got run over by a bunny
Coming over to our house on Easter morn.
You may think that bunny's are polite,
But this one, he forgot to beep his horn.

(Yes, the Thansgiving verse doesn't really rhyme, but we like it anyway... you try to rhyme "Thanksgiving"!)

Either way, we laughed the whole way home & into the house (then the heavy grocery bags sobered us up). I just love the creative process that results when B & I put our heads together. :)

After shopping we managed to sneak a haircut in, since B's hair is really getting wild. The place where he & C (I I used to, a long time ago when my hair was short) get their hair cut put in an ice cream parlour last summer, so we got our last ice creams there of the year after the haircut. It was nearly as cold as the ice cream outside when we left the shop... I guess that's ok for November 2nd :) We had a late lunch (ice cream is filling!) & then B played Adventure Quest while I got into the new Garth Nix series (Keys of the Kingdom), the first 2 books of which I'd picked up in a used books store when C & I had our day away last Saturday. I came up for air after 2 hours & realised guiltily that B had been playing on the computer for 2 hours straight... He was very good natured about stopping when I asked him to, though, & went up to lego a bit. I looked up from the book again half an hour later & realised that it was snowing out, big puffy flakes. I called to B to look out the window & he said he'd looked out just when I called. I told him we should go for a walk in the first snowfall, & to my surprise he agreed. We bundled-up with sweaters under winter coats (I had been wanting him to try on last-year's sweater to see if it still fits, anyway :), mittens & hats & out we went. We walked around the block & felt the snow melting on our noses. B tried to catch it on his tongue. He told me how his game is progressing... it was just a lovely time. As he went running down the walk after snowflakes, in his newly minted InuYasha style (running with his arms held slighly behind his body, leading with his face) an idea for an InuYasha hat came to my mind. I described it & asked B if he would ever wear it & he said he liked the idea very much. So, off to the fabric store tomorrow when he's back in school. I love it when ideas for projects come into my head like this- the energy I feel when bringing them to life usually spills-over into projects that are waiting to be done (particularly sewing projects) & the next thing I know I'm sewing up a storm again. I recently purchased the Folkwear pattern for hakama, so maybe a full InuYasha costume for B will find it's way out of this creative burst... :)


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