Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thoth returns... :)

Today was Ancient Egypt day for Brendan's class- the culmination of all of their research & creative efforts. They presented their work by inviting the rest of the school to a "wax museum" of gods & goddesses (all of them dressed-up, wearing the masks they'd made). They all had drawn buttons to push for info on paper, then sat in costume beside their statues, ready to talk to anyone who pushed their button about their god or goddess. At some mutually-agreed-upon time, the groups of kids decided to take off their masks & represent regular ancient Egyptians, & were ready to talk about their every-day lives as well.

So, here's Brendan as Thoth & as a regular, ancient Egyptian scribe.

And Brendan posing with his Thoth statue.

I left before the presentations (stayed to help Brendan get costumed-up & take a bunch of pictures of the kids :), so I can't wait to hear how it went!!



At 4:32 AM, Anonymous Dr Chun Wong said...

Love the costume, it's fantastic! It sounds like a great day - educational and fun.

Are you still blogging? Love your blog but it only goes up to May 08. Are you blogging somewhere else?


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