Thursday, January 05, 2006


This is Chibi..... this is also a test of the photo-adding capabilities (mine & blogger's :). Chibi is a Runrat, which is a creature- more properly, a Rahi- that B created. Rahi are a sort of Bionicle & Bionicles are Legos- still with me? Well, Chibi (which is Japanese for "small") has more personality than most living beings, although she mostly rests in B's pillowcase now that he's in school. Cheebs is one of a series of Bionicle creatures B has dreamed-up, so I felt she deserved to be featured in a blog. She's really cute, too!
ETA: For reference, Chibi's eyes are the round orange bits, & her nose/mouth is white. The black things on top are horns/ears. She's about 4" long & the same high. She says "eep!". Her favourite food is muffins. Imagine her nosing into things & generally getting into innocent trouble.....


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