Saturday, September 02, 2006

How do you carry your mole rat?

He ain't heavy, he's my mole rat? Ummm... :) Anyway, this is B's clever solution to the problem of how to have 2 hands free when playing computer games, as Rufus is usually stuffed under B's right arm & restricts his movement a great deal. I am more delighted that he's actually using 2 hands for something, because B doesn't usually think to use both hands & gets frustrated when he can't do things one-handed (one of the mom-tapes is "use 2 hands, chick, that's why you have 'em"- chick being B's nickname).

This morning's breakfast was unusually lively & fun. All 3 of us were eating breakfast together, which can only happen on weekends (or on vacation), but sometimes doesn't even happen then (the guys have been going off for early-morning sails & the like). B was singing a parody song by Weird Al (Addicted to Spuds) & ad-libbed perfectly "Why do I...have 2 plates?" as he was singing. We all cracked up. Turns out that C is not yet accustomed to B's breakfast independance, learned over the summer, & so they both had gotten him a plate. Later in the meal B was staring at me, singing Dare to be Stupid (a parody of Devo's Dare to be Human) so I asked him if he was trying to tell me anything... more laughter. I adore 80's music & am really enjoying B's renditions of these parodies of 80's songs, but I think it may be time to dig-up the originals for him to hear (it's hard to understand just how brilliant these parodies are if you haven't heard the originals).

It's raining like mad at the moment- Ernesto's legacy in the northeast US... (it is Ernesto, isn't it? I called it Elmer this morning, to great hilarity, but I knew it was an E name for a guy... C was imagining Bugs Bunny cartoons). C & B are off to a movie with a school friend & family. B hasbeen wanting to see "Over the Hedge" &, since he rarely angles to see movies in theatres, we have been trying to get out to see it. I was going to go, not really to see the movie, but for the company, but we called some church friends this morning & are getting together with them this evening for dessert & good company, & that's all I've really been craving (the good company, that is, although C & B did go out & buy a carrot cake... :), so I stayed home to blog, wait for my mom to deliver potato salad (long story) & perhaps watch my new Inuyasha movie.

Speaking of Inuyasha, B & I had a giggle last week in Japanese lesson. I had been varying my "sowarinasai" (sit down) requests to B with a variation I'd heard on the anime- "osowari". Usually when you add "o" to the beginning of a word or phrase in japanese you just make it more polite (hence "oshiri" being the polite form of "butt"... hee hee). I used it during our lesson & Tomoko began to laugh... I guess this particular term is used with one's dog... B cracked up when she told us- "I'm not a dog mom! (giggle)". It certainly fits with the context of the Inuyasha anime. Yesterday we hit the anime store on our errand rounds & he saw Inuyasha trading cards at the checkout. When he pointed them out I said "osowari!" & he just cracked up... don't think the checkout guy knew what we were talking about (in restrospect, though, he probably should have...). We have been working very hard on our adjectives in japanese & it's making it so much easier to make distracting conversation with B when we're out & about & he starts getting overwhelmed with triggers & being away from home (B's psychologist thinks the japanese helps because he has to use more thought to understand what I'm saying, which distracts & takes away the power of the overwhelming thoughts). When we were at the anime store B also read some labels in hiragana, which just tickled me pink. Time to learn katakana!


At 3:28 PM, Blogger Jannalou said...

Guess what!

I'm wearing my pink Kim Possible t-shirt today (I own the entire set), and I have a Rufus just like the one B has in his shirt in that picture! :)

Yes, I'm an adult. But I figured out that at the Disney store, the children's Large t-shirts fit me better than any of the adult t-shirts (the small is too small, and the medium is okay, but the large is too big). Since I like the kids' ones better anyway (and I work with kids), I'm more likely to buy them. Plus, they didn't make any Kim Possible t-shirts for adults. :)

At 1:33 AM, Blogger Kristina Chew said...

Rufus looks very at home in his back-shirt perch-----we saw Over the Hedge earlier this summer and Charlie really liked it (yes, I did too). This post was full of more than its share of Ernesto-be-gone sunshine.

At 1:47 AM, Anonymous Tera said...

I love Rufus in his perch ;-)

B has great taste in music. My iTunes has been getting a workout with Weird Al's "Ode to a Superhero" from "Poodle Hat." (Verbal stim of the week: Poor Peter Parker was pitiful...)

I hope B enjoys "Over the Hedge." I want to see that one, too...but next for us is the remake of "The Wicker Man." I'd originally vowed never to see it, out of respect for Robin Hardy, but the trailers intrigue me. (Oh, the shame!)

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Lisa/Jedi said...

Thanks for the kind comments, folks :)

Jannalou, we are very big KP fans (I even have the KP doll **blush**). I think it's one of the most intelligent & empowering kid shows out there. B loves everything Rufus. My only complaint is that KP is merchandised mostly to girls, so it's hard to find much boy stuff (which shouldn't really matter, but when you're trying to keep your 10-year-old boy from becoming a target...). I took a deep breath & bought him the KP spy kit, consisting of a lipstick pen, compact (as in face powder) decoder, & spy comb- all pink, of course. He adores it, but he keeps it to himself for the most part. There's no evidence that any of his visitors (boys, mainly) have commented on these accesories in the midst of his spy gear, which is comforting.

The B & Rufus story is here. He's literally a part of the family. When B handed him off to my mother a few weeks ago to play with water balloons, she automatically carried Rufe over her shoulder like a baby. It was funny & very heartwarming... ((ok, I do the same thing).

I'll post more on post-"Over-the-Hedge"-ness later.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger Lisa/Jedi said...

ps- welcome tera :) We are loving Weird Al so much these days...


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