Monday, July 17, 2006

Back to Camp Mom...

Computer camp is over. B came home last Friday with a disc containing all of the games made by kids in his workshop & it is really nifty. B's game, based on a story he's writing about a robotic naked mole rat (of course :), has his robot, Omega, going uphill while battling the bad guy's robots (z-borgs), collecting root vegetables for extra points. B drew all of the characters & graphics & they are really cute (to a mom, of course- to B they are "cool"). The other kids' games are pretty cute, too.

We had a quiet weekend, with a lively japanese lesson on Saturday (we played games to help B with his hiragana recognition), then a visit from a spinning friend who couldn't make the meeting either, so she came over to keep us company. C got to sail, even though the day began with thunder storms. On Sunday B & C went for an early-morning sail. They left the house around 6:30, ate breakfast down at the bay, had a nice sail (B skippered for quite a bit), & were home by 9:30 am. They also weeded the garden, but the heat has been intense the past few days, so they didn't stay out for very long. Our garden is doing well, with all the rain last week & now lots of sunshine. The tomatoes, in 2 self-watering planters on the back deck, are now taller than both B & me & heading for C-height... In the afternoon B convinced me to take him to the gaming store to spend saved-up allowance on pokemon booster packs, & then we checked-in at the anime store around the corner to find that Hikaru no Go volume 3 is out on dvd, so I picked it up. B beefed-up one of his pokemon decks with some of the new cards but had terrible luck with the game he & dad played, so it was good to have Hikaru as a distraction while he cooled down... B brought the go board up to the tv room & set problems for himself while he watched...

The klonapin has been working very well to help B fall to sleep, so we reduced his seroquel dose again on Sunday evening, back to 50 mg. The 75 mg. evening dose was good to bridge the gap until we got the klonapin started, but it certainly didn't seem to have an effect on the thoughts & tics during the day, so we felt safe dropping it back to the previous dosage...

Today we went back to our Camp Mom schedule & the first thing we did was make the lamp in the picture above. B has had a Pooh lamp in his room since infancy & it recently occurred to me that he probably should have something more suitable to a "big boy", so I found a kit to make a lamp out of a mason jar. B decided he wanted an Exo-Force theme for it, so we filled the jar with extra legos. The lampshade is sticky, for the fabric of your choice to cover it, so B & I put Exo-Force pictures from a file he had downloaded from the lego site into a drawing file & printed the resulting pictures onto printer fabric. I did all the supplemental gluing (I used bias tape to make the edges neater). The lamp is now in its place on his dresser :) We also finished dressing the big loom for weaving our first blanket together. Yay!! I can't wait to see what B thinks of weaving something so big. We also came up with a compromise... I have been wanting him to do the Timon & Pumba typing game over the summer so he doesn't lose his touch-typing skills. So I told him that I would read Artemis Fowl to him for as long as he practised. Today he did 1/2 hour, so I read for the same. We had finished the first book & so we started the second one. He also finished "Half Magic" on his own today.

Dad has a meeting, so B & I will have a home-cooked japanese supper, yum! Looking at all we've accomplished today, it's a great start to Camp Mom. Hope we keep having this much fun!


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