Thursday, October 12, 2006

A calmer day...

A good night's sleep sure does wonders... Other than a perfunctory "it's a school day", B did not protest going to school at all this morning. Big sigh of relief :) He was quite calm when we got there, going about the usual business of unloading his things into his locker & finding someone to play chess with. Cherie & I talked about our conclusions from yesterday's difficulties, & particularly B talking about hurting himself again. We decided that, until further notice, she would call me if B's tics & anxiety became overwhelming & I would come & get him. I kissed him goodbye, already immersed in a chess game, & went to find Paula & chat. Grocery shopping came next, remembering to turn the cell phone on, then home to put things away & deal with laundry. I called B's psychiatrist when I got home, & left a message to let him know what was going on & that we'd reduced B's zoloft dose in the attempt to get his equilibrium back.

After doing chores I felt restless- it was hard to get interested in anything that took concentration because I didn't know if/when the phone would ring with either school or B's psychiatrist on the line... Fortunately, I have been trying to stay ahead of B with the InuYasha dvds, so I watched a couple episodes (deciding that one of them was not appropriate for B) while knitting on another pair of socks for B (just 3 socks to go & he'll have the 6 pair he needs for the winter :). No phone calls came from anyone, though, which was good & bad...

I picked B up at our new, earlier time (2:00 instead of 2:30) & music class had just finished. B had had a much better day & everyone was relaxed. It was really nice to leave the building for once with B in a good space, chatting about his day :) He asked if I'd bought ramune for snack, since I'd gone shopping (& I had), & then asked to watch more InuYasha, which we did. Afterward, though, he had a tough time figuring out what to do next. We sat on the sofa & he leaned against me for comfort as we discussed what he might like to do. I apologised for still not feeling very well (mostly it's a cough now) & told him that I want to get started weaving another throw as soon as I'm feeling better, but for today I just wanted to rest. I suggested some computer games that he hadn't looked at in a long time, which he vetoed, but eventually settled on an older & easier bionicle game.

While shopping today I bought some tofu & tempe & TVP- I have been seriously thinking about how to better handle B's veggie-ness since he's obviously sincere about it & not going to revert to burgers any time soon. I have a bunch of veggie cookbooks, but had only dabbled in tofu dishes because C doesn't care for tofu very much (I do like it, though). Now that there's two of us that like tofu, I decided it was time to get tofu-adventurous again :) So I decided to fry some tofu for dinner, with edamame & bagels on the side. Unfortunately, I didn't actually look up how to fry tofu in any of my cookbooks (I did after dinner, hee hee), so I used too much oil & didn't dry off the tofu before putting it in the oil, so I had hot oil cascading everywhere (needed 2 rags on the floor to clean up the splashes). I was able to dodge the splashes & didn't get burned, although it was quite a clean-up after... but it really tasted great! We ate it with soy sauce & B was so happy to have tofu, he wanted to eat all of the leftovers. I told him he could take them for lunch tomorrow, though :) Having looked up the right way to fry tofu, I think we'll be having it a lot more often... maybe even C will get in on the tofu renaissance :) Next- tempe!! As we were finishing dinner B started ticcing loudly, but when we asked what was setting him off, all he could say was "a thought". C & I said that this wasn't the most helpful of responses, since it's hard to modify the environment (if possible) if we don't know what the problem is. B said that the thought trigger was "free floating", & C & I were imagining it as if it were a balloon- C asked B if we could just blow it away, which made B grin. I said we should pin it to the wall & vilify it. B wanted to know what vilify meant, so we told him it meant to say mean things about it, which made him grin even more. He & dad started telling jokes about the thought, in the vein of the Prairie Home joke show ones ("Your mama's so fat...", inserting "thought" for "mama") & before we knew it the tics stopped. A breath of fresh air :)

B & C played bionicles again this evening & then I read to B for an hour before he fell asleep (trying not to cough too much as I read). We never heard from B's psychiatrist today, so I hope I'll hear tomorrow & get his advice for where we should go next. All in all, it was a very nice relief of a day. B was ticcy & driven by anxiety at times, but not so much that he was in agony. A welcome calm in the midst of the storm...


At 12:57 AM, Blogger Kristina Chew said...

We went up and down with Charlie's Zoloft dosage for 2 years before settling on 25 mg. As for tofu: I never plan ahead enough, but if you drain it first (helps to cut it into smaller cubes) and then marinate it (soy sauce, rice vinegar, ginger), it absorbs all the flavors. I also favor it with black bean sauce (if B can handle really strong and salty flavors?).

Hope that psychiatrist calls tomorrow. And hope you cough even less, or not at all, tomorrow!

At 1:12 AM, Blogger Mum is Thinking said...

I'm glad B had a better day today. Maybe the earlier home time from school will help? I hope so.

We eat tofu fairly often, I love the stuff. Did you see any instructions for placing it on layers of papertowel and compressing it with a weight for 30 minutes before slicing it to fry? I think it helps squeeze some of the excess water out and firms it up a bit. We've been enjoying laksa with fried tofu lately :-)


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