Friday, December 15, 2006

Holiday music tag... Brendan's list

MOM-NOS has posted her list of top 5 holiday tunes & invited others to chime in, either in her comments or their own blogs. I am having the worst time logging-into the comments of blogger-based blogs these days (except, thanks goodness, my own which gives me no trouble with the exact same log-in & password- any helpful ideas about this problem would be welcome!), so here is the list of Brendan's top 5 favourite holiday songs this year...

#1: The Gower Wassail (you can listen to it here)
This is the song we've been learning over the past couple of weeks that our (formerly quartet, until Brendan decided to join us :) quintet will be singing as the postlude for the mummers play this Sunday. Brendan says he likes it "because it's different, like me...".

#2: When Christmas Comes to Town (from "Polar Express")
They are learning this at school. We've never seen the movie, nor heard the soundtrack, but when Brendan sang a snippet to me this morning, I could see why he likes this pretty tune. He says it's fun to sing.

#3: Hannukah oh Hannukah
This is another song they're learning at school. Brendan says it's easy to memorise & fun to sing.

#4: Joy the the World
Brendan told me he's loved this song since he first heard dad play it on the piano :)

#5: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
According to Brendan this is great comic relief during the holidays. We have used it as the basis for a holiday-themed improvisation, too

There you have it! I'll try to think about my own list, too...


At 3:25 PM, Anonymous mom-nos said...

There is definitely something wacky going on with the comments section on my blog. I have trouble leaving a comment on my own posts. (No problems here, though!) Thanks for sharing Brendan's list - looking forward to yours, too.

We've never seen The Polar Express either, but Bud's class learned the song "Believe" and his teacher tells me that I *must* find a way to get Bud to sing it for me because his rendition will just blow me away. :-)

At 12:21 AM, Blogger Kristina Chew said...

Ha to #5! Jingle bells, rock on.


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