Friday, March 02, 2007

Some things to be happy about...

The getting-dressed-for-school timer is working! The past 2 mornings Brendan has been dressed in record time & happily legoed for the rest of the 15 minutes until the timer has gone off. Not only that, but we've both had a lot more energy at & after breakfast. Yesterday I had time to empty the dishwasher between breakfast & leaving for school- a first. I think we're on to something... :)

Brendan has been on the lower dose of seroquel for 9 days now & there has been no significant sign of any difficulty. He's falling to sleep just fine & although he's a wee bit ticcier in the morning, he manages just fine. I would shout hooray, but I'm too superstitious... :)

This week back to school has gone very well. Brendan has found a great deal to enjoy at school every day this week. This afternoon I went in at 12:30 to work with him for an hour on Japanese. We began our session just after outside time (which he said wasn't as enjoyable because the snow was all "scummy", & then proceded to explain to me that he thought his preoccupation with hygeine was due to his being autistic... his words :) & it was obvious that he was still not quite ready to settle down, so I asked if he wanted some deep pressure & he said yes (!). So I stood behind him, as his OT has shown me, & pressed down for about 30 seconds. He said it felt great & that he was ready to work. (As a side note, we have a family joke about the future of my giving him deep pressure, as he is now just 4 inches shorter than I am... I told him today that soon I'll be hanging off his shoulders in order to do it, which made him giggle.) It was a great japanese session. His recognition of the katakana is coming along nicely & he read hiragana to me for about 15 minutes (from our new "manga moods" book). We played "I see something" in japanese for the last 15 minutes & that was a hoot. Next time I'll bring in one of the picture dictionaries so we can say the names of even more objects in japanese...

I found that iTunes has new Kim Possible episodes for downloading, so I purchased 6 today. Brendan & I had a great time watching the first 3 this afternoon. That Rufus... :)

And... remember the wool I spun into yarn a couple of weeks ago? I finished knitting my new mittens this afternoon. Yay! In the end I decided to make lined mittens- the one on the bottom in the picture has the lining pulled out. I had finished another skein of handspun just to get it off the bobbin (where it had been languishing for 2 years...) & it was so soft I thought it would make a great lining for my mittens. This winter was so cold & my greeter job at school has me opening & closing the door for at least half an hour, so my hands have been getting really cold. I thought the lining would help them last longer, too (my present mittens have had holes mended once already, & are ready to be mended again). I'm thinking of making a pair for Brendan now, & then maybe Charlie, too. These are warm mittens!! (Which I will not likely wear much the rest of this winter...)

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