Monday, July 31, 2006

Please write...

Autism Diva recently posted ( see July 21st post) that the Kellogg's cereal company has teamed up with Autism Speaks to "advertise" information about autism- in itself a good thing- with the Autism Speaks web site prominently displayed... not a good thing, in my opinion. Autism Diva has invited those concerned to write or email & includes the contact information in her post. Here is what I wrote:

Dear Mr. Knowlton,
I was quite distressed to learn that the Kelloggs company has decided to join with the Autism Speaks organisation in a promotional campaign. As the parent of an autistic child & active blogger about my life with my child, I support the efforts to make the public aware of autism. However, I do not support the activities of the Autism Speaks organisation because I believe that they paint a far too negative picture of life with an autistic child. Their video "Autism Every Day", which is advertised on their site, contains a segment where a parent "confesses" their passing wish to kill their autistic child (in front of the child...!). I believe that the decision to include this in the video shows blatant disregard for human life & must be taken seriously. Having undergone the journey of acceptance of my child's diagnosis of autism I can imagine the effect this might have on parents looking for information & assistance in their own journey. Please seriously reconsider this promotional campaign, particularly the advertising of Autism Speaks' message which so clearly devalues the lives of autistic people.

I have been haunted ever since hearing about the "Autism Every Day" video & reading the online discussion. I do not want the devaluation of the lives of people with autism to become an accepted attitude. My son's life is too precious to be left to the whims of popular culture. Please read Diva's post & write in as well. Many thanks!


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