Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jedi Workshop is here!

Jedi Workshop (see links bar, because I'm having no luck getting the link to work here...) is a new blog I've been thinking about starting for a while. Sometimes when chatting with other parents with kids with developmental delays I've mentioned something I've made for B (for less than you can buy it for in a catalogue...) & they've been interestied in doing the same. Sometimes I've found some alternative approaches to accomodate some of B's sensory issues & have wanted to share them. This summer B & I have been making some neat projects & I wanted to share the resources & inspirations for these ideas. Jedi Workshop is the place I've created to do just this &, I hope, a lot more. I'm hoping to have some dialogue about what others have found helpful for their own kids & also a place to post fun & alternative ways of doing things with our kids (as MOM-MOS would say, "connect, connect, connect"!). The first project is a recipe for healing salve that I developed 10 years ago & is still going strong... let me know what you think!


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